Stop Malariavisions of obama by folk and popular african artists
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The Collection:

To preserve the cultural and educational values of the growing body of original artworks represented by DREAMS OF MY BROTHER: VISIONS OF OBAMA BY FOLK AND POPULAR AFRICAN ARTISTS, we have made a conscious decision to keep the collection intact as it evolves and develops over time.

It's our belief that, as a "work in progress," the strength of the collection will have far greater impact for future exhibitions and study if it is left whole. At the same time, we are offering a host of alternatives for the public to collect the art, from limited-edition fine art copies, to hand-numbered and stamped posters, as well as calendars, postcards, apparel; and in time, catalogues and books. These products are (or will be) offered in our store »

stop malariaPlease note: Material Culture donates a minimum of 5% from ALL net sales related to DREAMS OF MY BROTHER to the winnable fight against malaria.

We invite--indeed, we need--business, government, non-profit, and faith-based partners to work with in all manner of creative and pro-active ways to turn this dream--the end of malaria worldwide--into a permanent reality.



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A variety of products featuring some of the unique art are available in our store.

Avalable now:

Coming Soon:

  • Limited-Edition Fine Art Prints
  • Additional Calendars
  • Postcards
  • Notecards
  • Apparel
  • Catalogues and Books

Also, coming soon: we are working on behalf of the artists and potential patrons as an agent so that original artworks (i.e. commissioned works) will be available for purchase.

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